KS2 Curriculum Enrichment



As part of ‘excellence and enjoyment’ at St Michael’s, Friday afternoons in KS2 are used for Curriculum Enrichment. This involves a six week rotation of a stimulating, flexible curriculum that enables our children to gain in the widest sense. It addresses the academic, physical, social and emotional development of our children.

Children are allocated a group at the start of the year, your child should know which group they are in, if not please speak to their teacher.

The activities for 2015/16 are listed below.

  • Art & Design Sewing with Mrs Hunter and Mrs Selby
  • Stop Motion Animation with Mr Hobson
  • Movie Music with Mrs Flowers
  • Swimming with Mr Marritt and Mr Hodgekins

The link below will allow you direct access to KAZ touch typing for upper KS2, and BBC Dance Mat for lower KS2.

BBC Dance Mat

KAZ Touch Typing