A ‘Special Place’
To end a busy Term 1, we wanted to give our children the chance to stop for a moment and reflect on the things they care about or are concerning them. Winnie-the-Pooh had a ‘Thoughtful Spot’ to go to and we turned the Music Room into a ‘Prayer Space’ for the week.
All of our children had the opportunity to explore any or all of the eight activities designed to help them ‘Be Still’. Many wrote a ‘Thank You’ on a leaf for our ‘Friendship Tree’ and all contributed to a giant ‘Friendship Flower’. Some used the ‘Sorry Sand’ and ‘Fizzy Forgiveness’ to put behind them times of upset and others said ‘Let it go!’ to worries or fears. Some simply sat quietly watching the ‘Bubble Tubes’, wrote prayers or read the letters from the children of the AES in Jordan as we thought about our world. One of our youngest children, in Foundation Stage, summed up the activity perfectly in what he told his Mum:
“I got to do a lovely thing today. I went in a special room, and it had special lights. It had lots of special things for us to play with… Not toys, special things. I put rocks in water and they went away! There were fishes in a tent, and flowers, and you could draw a picture of the person you wanted to say sorry to. In my classroom, there was green sand where you could say sorry. You say sorry to the person and then you go in the sorry sand. Today was a good day”.